From 30 May to 22 June 2022
School in Cortona, Italy – Spring II

Bentornati! The School in Cortona is now accepting applications for its Winter and Spring 2022 programs.

Spring Term, Spring I – HIST 300 The Grand Tour

This course considers the main elements of the “Grand Tour,” a historical trip across the main centres of Europe undertaken to gain an appreciation of culture such as architecture, language, and art. The Tour’s cultural and political elaborations in Europe will be examined with a focus on significant works of artists and writers mainly from the 18th and 19th century who traveled to Italy. These works contributed to the aesthetical paradigm of the Italian landscape with its archaeological sites, cities, monuments, and habits of local populations. The previous heritage of Italian humanists to the Grand Tour and its later transformations into the pop-culture of modern tourism will be considered.

Sala Berrettini
Cortona – Via Guelfa, 40

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